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Four Ways to Use Life Insurance Benefits While You’re Still Alive

The Multifaceted Benefits of Life Insurance

The common perception is that a life insurance policy comes into use upon the policyholder’s death. However, not everyone knows that such policies can also be beneficial during the policyholder’s lifetime. At Wil Plyler Insurance Agency in Rock Hill, SC, our skilled agents make it their mission to illustrate various ways a life insurance policy could enhance their financial stability.

Long-Term Care Coverage

Certain life insurance policies come equipped with long-term care riders. In situations where the policyholder requires assistance with daily activities or needs to be transferred to a nursing home, these policy types can step in to cover the costs.

Aid During Terminal Illness

Policies with an ‘accelerated death benefit rider’ or ‘illness rider’ can be explicitly beneficial when encountering chronic or terminal diseases. This provision permits the policyholder to withdraw some amount from the policy’s death benefits, which can be utilized as desired, such as for medical expenses or travel purposes.

Low-Interest Loans

Another perk a life insurance policy offers is the ability to convert the paid-in benefits into low-interest loans, accessible when required. Depending on the policy, there might even be the option of a zero-interest ‘wash’ loan.

Retirement Income Supplement

Maximize your financial security by utilizing your life insurance policy to supplement your retirement income. This can be done by purchasing an annuity using accrued values in your policy.

Make an Informed Decision

While life insurance primarily secures family members during the policyholder’s death, it can also be utilized proactively during the person’s life to manage unexpected costs. Contact the seasoned agents at Wil Plyler Insurance Agency in Rock Hill, SC to learn more about enhancing your financial stability using a life insurance policy.

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